To develop high quality projects adding value to the Kuwaiti market and enhancing the architectural and cultural identity of Kuwait

and the region by encouraging creativity and innovation, while executing them in cooperation with the top calibers in this realm.

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To develop long-term real estate investment strategies based on solid fundamentals.

To execute operational income-generating real estate projects with
high quality and low risk.

To achieve consistent growth rates, returns, and cash flows.
To meet real estate market demands and follow industry’s latest trends

To enhance the architectural aspect and incorporate elements from the local environment into our projects.

To maintain high occupancy and rent collection rates.

To execute our projects within the allocated budgets and timelines, and to manage our projects and portfolios with a comprehensive vision including integrated services.

To attract superior human capital in real estate development and other related sectors, and to offer continuous staff training.

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Since its inception in 1984, WRE has implemented a balanced investment strategy

WRE enjoys major competitive advantages comprised of its stability, solid strategic relations with the different economic sectors in The State of Kuwait

Social Responsibility

We value our community and demonstrate our commitment to its well being by developing leisure projects to cater to various audiences. We also avoid trading in private residential properties in The State of Kuwait so as to avoid contributing to additional value appreciation.


We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in developing our projects with a contemporary vision, while offering value-added services and benefits

Responsibility towards the environment

We consider the environmental aspects in designing and developing environment-friendly projects.


We work in harmony, appreciating each team member’s role, execute our projects with collaboration, and take mutual pride in our success.


We adopt a credible and transparent approach in communicating with shareholders, tenants, and all stakeholders.